KEF Club (KEF stands for “Community, English, Fun”) is a social and cultural group based and organized in Zichron Yaakov but open to others, aimed at English-speaking “pensioners” – whether still working on not. The Club meets monthly, usually on the first Sunday of each month, for nearby tours or local lectures that are largely “off the beaten path” of usual activities.  However, due to Covid 19 restrictions the Club has relied on ZOOM for meetings since March, with a few notable exceptions.  Members are also made aware of community resources through the Club’s email Bulletins.

Next (when groups of people can meet again): Visit to Aloney Yitzchak Youth Village near Givat Ada

Please contact Heidi Goldsmith, Liaison to English speaking Olim from the Zichron Yaakov Municipality’s Dept. of Social Services, to receive emails about upcoming events and resources:

HATZAV (Hebrew for “Young At Heart”) Program run by the Zammarin Community Center (located across from the Country in  Zichron.  Wide variety of activities, trips, lectures.  Contact Orit Neiderman at the Zamarin Community Center Center 

Arnona (property tax) Discount!! : Seniors are entitled to a significant discount on the first 100 meters of their (your) residence.  Ask at the Arnona Office of the Moetza. 

Aliyah Museum, at 2 Hanadiv Street, runs events and is a superb museum to visit.  Some KEF Club members are volunteer tour guides there.

Bridge: Free for Zichron residents Sunday, Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 – 7 PM in the Moshava. (former Yavetz, 100 Hameyasdim) Contact Gerard at 054.6129795 or   

Computer skills: Gerard also teaches basic computer skills and has computers to use for free to people with low income. 

Assistance with applying for Senior Benefits at Bituach Leumi:  Gerard (yes, the same generous volunteer as above!) will help with this Thursdays at the Town Hall (“Moetza”) but during Corona at his home or by chat. or 054.6129795

Elma Arts Center: seniors get discounts on Tuesdays.  Also, look out for free Jazz etc at the Cube at the Elma, most Wednesdays

MOVIES: Tuesdays at YES Planet movie theater seniors with a Seniors’ Card from the government pay only 10 NIS. Nb NO DISCOUNT on a second film on a Tuesday. Discounted movies other days…20 NIS Israeli films, 27 NIS other films (with Seniors’ card)

ESRA ( English Speaking Residents Association)  Wide variety of activities, including lectures, trips.  Part of the national organization.  For local events, Please contact Dr. Laurence Jacobs for further details

HOB (British Olim Society)  Wide variety of events.  New Olim get free membership for first year. Contact Esther: 054 9574306 or via   All profits go to local Five-Towns charities ** H.O.B. welcomes English speaking immigrants from all countries **

Ladies English Speaking Group is a group of mature ladies who meet on the first Tuesday of each month for a chat, coffee and cake, and often with an interesting speaker. Not a fund-raising group but small amounts of money are raised and donated locally. The group has been in existence for over thirty years and many long-term friendships have been made over those years. New members are welcome.   Vivienne Greenbaum 052-286-5312 04-627-1218 or Jenny Rook 054-570-0828 (Joint Chair) Caroline Silver 054-234-5795 Secretary/Treasurer and  

 The Supportive Community - Staying at home doesn’t have to mean staying alone