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Tourist Information

Gidonim Tourism Information Centre

The Gidonim Tourism Information Centre is dedicated to the development of tourism in Zichron Yaakov.

The centre is open Monday to Thursday from 8.30am until 1.00pm.and is located opposite the cemetery in HaMeyasdim Street, adjacent to the Founders Monument.

For information telephone 04 639 8811 or e-mail: gidonim@bezeqint.net

Tours of Zichron Yaakov are arranged by Gidonim on an occasional basis. These tours are usually conducted in Hebrew. If you require a personalised tour of Zichron Yaakov in English, please enquire at the Tourist information centre.
Tourist Sites

The Wine Road

The restored pedestrian mall (Hameyasdim Street), also known as the Midrahov) is located in the centre of the Moshava, in the area where several buildings from the First Aliyah have been carefully renovated. There are many cafes, restaurants, galleries in addition to signs explaining the history of the town.


The Founders Monument

This impressive monument near the Tourist Information office houses a pictorial and documentary history of the town. There are several rare documents in the collection. Visits are by appointment only.  Please contact Tourist Information in advance to co-ordinate your visit.


The Cemetery

Located opposite the Tourist Information, the graves of many of the pioneers of the first Aliyah (1882) and their children are to be found in the cemetery.


The Binyamin Breicha (Pool)

The original pool built by Baron Rothschild and named after his father was inaugurated in 1891 and provided water for residents of Zichron Yaakov. Although not in use today, it is a landmark in the town and offers a good photographic opportunity.


The Strolling Garden (Gan Tiyyul)

This garden, planted between 1886 and 1888 by the Barons workers, was the first in Israel to be landscaped with only ornamental trees. It has served as a focal point for the residents of Zichron since that time and in 2008 was extensively re-planted in the design of the original garden. There is a beautiful lily pond in the centre of the garden as well as two play areas, lawns and shaded seating.


The Langa Estate

Built by Michael and Nita Langa at the start of the 20th century, this beautifully located family estate is currently undergoing renovation.


The Carmel Wine Cellar

Built in 1892 by Baron Rothschild, the wine cellar houses a visitors centre. Wine tasting is available.  Opening hours:


Sunday to Thursday 09.00 -16.00
Friday                          09.00 -13.00


Please book in advance:  04 6290977


The Tishbi Wine Cellar

A family wine cellar with a tradition going back 5 generations. Tours and wine tasting available. Opening hours:


Sunday to Thursday 08.30 - 16.00

Friday                          08.30 - 15.00


Please book in advance 04 638 0434/5 


The Maish Cave

A natural gem, this cave is tucked into the chalk hillside. A particularly rare Maish (Celtis) tree grows out of its centre.
Photos are available here.


Farmers Yards

There are several former farmers yards intersecting with HaMeyasdim Street. The yards have been converted to shops, galleries and restaurants.


Ramat Hanadiv

This nature reserve situated on the south-eastern entrance to Zichron Yaakov contains the tombs of Baron Rothschild and his wife. There are four circular routes in the nature reserve, breathtaking vantage points and the Ein Tzur spring, as well as interesting archaeological relics.

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